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Sumaq Hotel


Into the Headwaters of the Amazon river w/ Delfin Boat



Program 04 Days - 03 Nights

Aqua Expedition








Arrival to Iquitos City
Soon after you arrive at Iquitos International Airport, we will be hosting you and take you by bus to our private embarkation port in the city, then in our traditional wooden canoe boats to “Islacocha” our floating VIP lounge and Embarkation Port only 5 minutes away from Iquitos through the shallow water of the Itaya River.
Once your check-in process is completed, you will board the “DELFIN”, where you will be personally assisted by our experienced crew. It will become clear that you are traveling where few have gone before. In fact, you will become one of only a handful of seasoned world traveler who has ever visited the remote Pacaya Samiria Reserve.
07:00 pm. Happy Hour

Just before dust, while the DELFIN starts its journey into the rainforest, you will enjoy a breath taking Amazonian Sunset view from the comfort of our third deck (Top Observation Deck) while our experienced barman and staff provide you with a wide variety of drinks and cocktails including the finest and most famous Peruvian traditional cocktail called “PiscoSour”, made out of Pisco, a genuinely Peruvian grape- based liquor made from more than 5 different kinds of grapes grown on the south pacific coastal valleys of Perú.
Fine regional cigars will also be available.
08:00 pm. Dinner. We will calm your first night appetite, serving dinner at our cozy dining room located at the backside of the second deck of the ship.
09:30 pm. Briefing and relax time
Finally, under the beauty of an Amazonian night, our multitalented staff would briefly entertain the rest of the evening with a little live music, while you enjoy a cool after meal drink and a fine Amazonian cigar.


Expedition Boat







07:00 am.Buffet Breakfast on board.
08:00 am. TamishiYacu Creek Expedition. It´s time to start the day exploring the very heart of the world, this will be our first introduction into the wilderness of the rainforest, and we will board our two well equipped and comfortable excursion skiffs, and take you to this first adventure. This small tributary of the Amazon is a “black river water” river, while we explore this creek our guides will be pointing you all the great variety of wildlife around, variety of birds, the best time of seeing them is when they are more active and singing frequently, during early morning or late afternoon, such as terns, Oreos, blackbirds, black collared hawk, king fisher´s, who leaves in open vegetation along large rivers, lakes and mangroves.
10:30 am. Back to the vessel.
We will continue cruising upstream the Amazon River, sit out on the observation deck to watch the jungle pass in slow motion while having a cool and refreshing juice.
12:30 pm. Lunch
04:00 pm We will board our two skiff and take you to the black waters of the Tahuayo River, as we cruise this river, exploring its rich wilderness habitat, we will occasionally see alone the shoreline, small native villages, these are human outpost of the upper Amazon rainforest, we may visit one of them to learn more about the native inhabitant´s wisdom and spirituality to complete our rainforest experience.
07:00 pm. Back to the vessel
We will continue our navigation to our next destination.
07:30 pm. Happy Hour
After dinner Lazy time at our third Deck.


Inside the Boat

















07:00 am. Breakfast – Buffet
You will get used to our wonderful breakfast festival, with all natural juices and really exotic fresh food that our kitchen personnel will point you, we are sure that you have never tasted some of them.
08:00 pm. YanaYacu River Excursion – Piranha fishing
This morning we will be cruising in our comfortable skiffs to go exploring along the YanaYacu River, you should expect to encounter wild Amazonian fauna such as tanagers, parrots, egrets, the unusual horned screamers who leaves in the marshes and adjacent tree-tops often in pairs making a deep throaty farcaring gulping sound, wattled jacanas who loves the grassy edges and lily pads of fresh water swamps, herons, hummingbirds. Brown throated three toe sloths are one of the species that loves this surrounding forest, restricted to moist lowlands forests or moist riverine forest in the drier areas. Most easily seen in open Cecropia trees along this river, a docile a non aggressive specie active during the day. We will search for squirrel monkeys, whose combination of black snout and white face and ears are unique, they are active during the day in large noisy troops.
We will get to beautiful lagoons where we will have our first fishing activity, Amazonian typical fishing rods, plenty of bait, will help us to get our main target, Piranhas, these small carnivorous fish have fearsome reputation, but locals considered them a good source of food.
There will be also a beautiful spot for bathing, so please bring along your bathing suit if you feel hot and dare to have this extraordinary experience.
11:00 am. Return to vessel
We will continue our upstream navigation towards the formation of the Amazon River.
12:30 pm. Lunch
To continue with your unique adventure, our creative chef will continue amaze you with the innovative creations he has designed for you. While explaining every detail of the local food you will learn more and more about life in this pristine and unique area.
05:00 pm. Formation of the Amazon and Dolphin Sighting and Sunset
We will be in the formation of the Amazon River; you will be able to see the two powerful tributaries of the Amazon, the Ucayali and the Marañon River. In this spot, and on board of our two skiffs, we will search for the most elusive and exotic fresh water pink river dolphin, medium sized, long snout and little or no dorsal fin you will see that they are really pink, they love this place, because is one of their favorite feeding spot .
You will be able to see both kinds of dolphin in the Amazon basin, the gray dolphins, very much alike the sea ones, but smaller, with a distinctive triangular dorsal fin, will join us too, and while trying to take a picture of them you will enjoy their playful jumps. while all these goes around, we will let you experience one of the most spectacular sunset in your life, with a exotic drink in your hands you will be amazed by the beautiful colors of this important place, with dolphins dancing around you, we will wait until the stars begin to shine, and the darkness of the night will embrace us and all the music of its wild nocturnal life comes alive.
07:00 pm. Return to vessel
We will continue to our next destination.
07:30 pm. Happy Hour
You know who will be waiting for you, yes….our barman who wants to continue indulge you with the flavors of the jungle.
08:00 pm. Dinner
We will continue to surprise you with the variety of our menu.
Wonderful wines are there also for you.

Boat Room







07:00 am. Breakfast – Buffet
08:00 am. Yarapa River Exploration and Puerto Miguel Village Visit.
On board of our skiffs we will stop at Puerto Miguel Native Village to let you have you’re first hand experience of interaction with local villagers from this remote part of the world. Right after this village visit, we will start exploring this narrow river to let you experience the abundant and spectacular deep rainforest wilderness including squirrel and capuchin monkeys, herons, egrets.
11:00 am. Back to the vessel. Continue our sailing downstream to the formation of the Amazon River, at this time you have to gather all your belongings and get all your bags packed. This is time also to make your check out.
12:30 pm. Lunch
01:30 pm. Disembarking at Nauta City
At this time we will board our skiffs towards the city of Nauta, were a bus will be waiting for you to take you back to the city of Iquitos.
02:00 pm. Arriving at Nauta Port
Our ground staff will be waiting for you at this point, the bus will be ready and you will start your way back toward Iquitos, a 92 km trip that will take you 1 hour and a half by a very nice road in non flooded areas.
03:30 pm. Arriving at Iquitos Airport
Our personnel will help you do your check in.
Just after that they will say goodbye to you.
05:30 pm. Flight departs back to Lima


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