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Lima : The Best Tour of Lima



Full day Program

Best Tour Lima








In the morning, guided sightseeing tour to the most attractive and important sites in Lima, the "City of Kings". The tour includes Lima's Historical Centre, visiting the Cathedral, Main square and San Francisco Convent. Also you will visit the Modern part of Lima.

Lunch at “Dama Juana” Restaurant.

In the afternoon visit Pachacamac the nearest archeological site from Lima. Pachacamac was an important
religious center of the coast since more than 1000 years before the Inca empire. Under the Inca reign, the site kept its importance and certain buildings - as Mamaconas (the "House of the selected women") - were built at
that time. When the Spanish arrived, Pachacámac was the religious center and the largest city of the coast.

Finally, you will be transfer to the traditional HACIENDA MAMACONA, a place full of mysticism, culture, and
tradition. The Rizo Patrón family, owners of the hacienda, has been traditionally linked to agriculture, cattle
breeding, as well as the breeding of Paso Horses, a noble animal of unique characteristics in the world.

At your arrival you will be received by a group of "chalanes". Then enjoy of a wonderful show of the Peruvian Paso horse; a noble animal, unique in its breed which is characterized by the elegance of its gait; a manner of treading, that is more like dancing. Before dinner, you will have the opportunity to taking a photo with those

06:00hs. You will enjoy a delicious early Peruvian dinner accompanied by an unequalled folkloric show. At the
end of the tour, transfer to the hotel.
In the afternoon, return to Lima. Arrival in Lima and transfer to the hotel.




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