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Peru, a South American country with immense archaeological, historical, mystic and geographical richness, is one of the most requested tourist destinations by people around the world. Peru is...


CULTURE : Culturally, Peru is an array of many distinct and complex cultures, dating back from many centuries with contributions from both local and foreign social groups. Today, Peru is home to over 54 different local languages and has representatives from all over the world. This variety and Peru’s contrasting geography offers countless variations in foods, dress, music, art, and many aspects of everyday life.


12 Angles Inka Stone

ARCHAEOLOGY : Whether a visit to Machu Picchu or not,Peru offers an immense array of archaeological sites, which range from pre-historic caves, some of the earliest urban centres in the world, as well as some of the earth’s largest ceremonial buildings. But, what really makes archaeology in Peru so fascinating is the fact that many sites are still to be unveiled.



HISTORY : From the early beginnings of human evolution to the establishment of a strong democracy, Peru offers a magical past full of passion, conflict, culture, and most of all variety. By far, Peru is the richest archaeological country in South America. Remains of archaeological sites are dispersed by all sides, especially in the coast and highlands. Weather conditions have made possible the good preservation of these sites. Reed huts, stone-piled rooms, painted caves, mud cities, stoned fortress and trails, are some of the different buildings we encounter in a exciting trip along Peru.



GEOGRAPHY : Geographically, Peru is an array of complex natural features. From the narrow desert coast form rise the majestic Andes Mountains, which then descend eastwards into the Amazon jungle. Within these three regions, coast, highlands, and jungle, a number of distinct environments are created. One of the most astonishing characteristics is that Peru possesses the greatest variety of eco-zones of any country in the world with the presence of 78 out of 123 weather zones in which Geographers have divided the world. In general, Peru offers geography unlike any in the world. The fact that one may visit three distinct regions in one trip, makes a visit to Peru a must.


Gallito de las Rocas

NATURE : Peru is also a country with the greatest biological diversity in the world, which can be find in the 78 eco-zones identified within the country. Due to the contrasts in geographical features, there is a habitat suited for a wide variety of plants and animals. The coastal desert has a spectacle of life as it meets the Pacific waters, which results in a high concentration of plant and animal life, especially in the sea. The highlands on the other hand, are very complex but also hold a large variety of wildlife. Unique to the Andes are the South American Camellids (Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos and Vicuñas), and naturally the venerated Condor, as well as many other kinds of birds. In the jungle, the concentration of plant and animal species is by far the greatest in the world. Due to a great amount of rainfall a huge number of species have developed and live in the vast Peruvian Jungle.



ADVENTURE : Most adventure sport travellers who visit Peru claim it is paradise on earth for the thrill seeking. Apart from the incredible and exotic settings to practice adventure sports, there is an ever-increasing offer of programs with very experienced guides. Whether you are an expert or an amateur, there is an adventure sport for everyone in Peru.



PERUVIAN CUISINE : Probably the most pleasurable part of travelling to Peru is the food. The country’s cultural diversity and varied geography have allowed for an extensive and varied menu full of several different ingredients, exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as extremely tasty dishes. This combination results in a spicy (but not hot) cuisine with a unique mixture of tastes, textures, aromas and colours that combine local and international flavours. When travelling to Peru, eating becomes a priority. Peru is sometimes called “a gastronomical paradise”; even those who are watching their calories will be delighted at the enormous variety of low calorie salads.


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